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Transcript: Mary McGrory Notebook

Mary McGrory, reporter’s notebook opened to the first two pages of handwritten notes, in cursive and shorthand, recording the unfolding events of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C., [September 11, 2001], Container 154, Mary McGrory Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress.

Transcription first page

9:55 - running thru Gate of Whse [White House]

optng [operating?][assumption of] terrorism

lower Manhattan

second plane fr [from] bkside [backside] of tower
½ hr [after] 1st attack

[nothing like it since] Oklahoma City
feb. 1993 - attack on WTC [World Trade Center]

9:57 - reprt [report] fr [from] Penta [Pentagon]

9:59 x Ex Dir. Tom Davis
Hill = not in session

Carolyn Coffee
Phone number redacted
sklchildren [schoolchildren]

Capitol closed dn [down]

10 AM - [another] Ey [Emergency] at 2d tower

Penta [Pentagon] St [State] Dept
Whse [White House] evacuated

Transcription second page

South Tower has collapsed
tower buckling

[Every airport in the country has been] shut dn [down]


Capitol Hill
MCS [Marine Corps] walking by

Daryl Je[n?d?]kins

our [lives] w [will] never be
[the] same.

10:26 Sen Press

Our lives w [will] nev [never] be [the] same.

10:26 Pentagon [stranded? shrouded?] airprt [airport]

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  October 14, 2010
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