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Cooking with Love and Chocolate:
A Valentine's Day Exhibit


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Also available - Chocolate: A Resource Guide

Drawing of cupid in an apron and chef's hat,  stirring a pot while looking at a cookbook.   Reads,  "Cupid at Home in the Kitchen."  Also stamped with "Central Furniture Co., Inc.  7 & 9 West Broad St."
Front cover of the cookbook, Cupid at Home in the Kitchen, ca. 1910s. From The Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850 - 1920, Duke University.

Albertson, Ellen and Michael Albertson. Temptations: igniting the pleasure and power of aphrodisiacs. New York, Fireside, c2002. 331 p.
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Woods, T. K. The great American chocolate contest cookbook, featuring 150 of the best chocolate recipes from the national recipe contest. New York, Hearst Books, c1995. 321 p.
   TX767.C5W66 1995

Compiled by Alison Kelly
This exhibit was assembled to accompany a talk by Abbie Grotke at the Library of Congress, on February 14, 2007

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