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Changes for MADS Version 2.0

The following changes for MADS Version 2.0 have been approved by the MODS Editorial Committee. Version 2.0 will include some changes that are not backwards compatible to version 1.0. Changes listed below include the date approved by the MODS Editorial Committee. See MODS user guidelines for examples of new elements in MADS that are also in MODS.

Changes related to compatibility with MODS 3.X versions

  • Add ”edtf” and “temper” to encoding list for @encoding for the following date elements. These were added to MODS 3.4. (Oct. 26, 2010):
    • <temporal> (within authority, related and variant)
    • <recordCreationDate>
    • <recordChangeDate>
  • Add @authorityURI and @valueURI to the following MADS elements (Oct. 12, 2010):  
    • Elements that already have @authority defined (all these are under authority, related and variant unless otherwise noted):
      • titleInfo
      • name
      • genre
      • topic
      • geographic
      • temporal
      • hierarchicalGeographic
      • occupation
      • recordInfo/recordContentSource
      • recordInfo/languageOfCataloging/languageTerm
    • Elements from MODS being added in version 2.0 (see below) that have@authority defined:
      • classification
      • language/languageTerm
      • language/scriptTerm
      • recordInfo/languageOfCataloging/scriptTerm
      • recordInfo/descriptionStandard
    • affiliation
    • affiliation/organization
    • fieldOfActivity
  • Enumerate the MADS version attribute to include all earlier incremental versions within the main version number. This won't be an issue for 2.0, as 2.0 will be the only legal value (Aug. 3, 2010).
  • Reorganize schema so all element definitions are at the schema level and are thus externalized; define explicitly all elements in the MODS namespace as global (Aug. 3, 2010)
  • Add a descriptionStandard element to recordInfo (Aug. 3, 2010)
  • Add @note to <url> (Aug. 3, 2010)
  • Add extraterrestrialArea element to hierarchicalGeographic (Aug. 3, 2010)
  • Add citySection element to hierarchicalGeographic (Aug. 3, 2010)
  • Add @type='family' to name element (Aug. 3, 2010)

RDA-related changes

  • Add <language> (modeled after the same element in MODS) in MADS, as a new top level element with subelements <languageTerm> and <scriptTerm> defined as in MODS . Includes attributes lang; xml:lang; script; transliteration, but not displayLabel, usage, altRepGroup or objectPart (which are in MODS but not relevant in MADS). Language corresponds to RDA elements Language of the Person and Language of the Corporate Body and MARC field 377 (Oct. 26, 2010)  

General/structural changes

  • Add @hidden to <variant> with single value "yes" to indicate a variant that should not be displayed. This allows for better mapping to SKOS and MADS/RDF. (Feb. 14, 2011)
       <topic authority="lcsh">Chuukese language</topic>
    <variant hidden="yes"> <topic>Truk</topic> </variant>
  • Add @otherType to <related> and <variant> if a type of relationship not enumerated in the schema (Feb. 14, 2011)
       <name type="corporate" authority="naf">
          <namePart>I.M. Pei & Partners</namePart>
    <related type="other" otherType="founder"> <name type="personal" authority="naf"> <namePart>Pei, I. M.</namePart> <namePart type="date">1917-</namePart> </related>
  • Add @geographicSubdivision to <authority> with the following values: none, direct, indirect, not applicable (Jan. 31, 2011)
    <authority @geographicSubdivision="indirect">
       <topic authority="lcsh">Art</topic>
  • Make <authority> repeatable for multiple authoritative forms in different languages and scripts. (Oct. 26, 2010)
    <mads:authority transliteration="alalc" script="Latn">
    <mads:name type="personal" authority="naf">
    <mads:namePart type="family">Ṣabrī</mads:namePart>
    <mads:namePart type="given">Mūsá</mads:namePart>
    </mads:authority> <mads:authorityt script="Arab">
    <mads:name type="personal" authority="naf">
    <mads:namePart type="family">صبري</mads:namePart>
    <mads:namePart type="given">موسى</mads:namePart>
  • Add <classification> as a new top-level element to MADS. Use same definition of the <classification> element from MODS (Sept. 28, 2010)
  • For all elements imported from MODS to MADS in MADS 1.0, redefine them in MADS 2.0 in the MADS Schema itself, and in the MADS namespace (Aug. 3, 2010)


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