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Proposed Changes MODS 3.7 -- Units

October 24th, 2017

  1. Always use plural form (not singular) e.g. pages not page. So if this example is included in the guidelines, there should be a note to that effect.

  2. No abbreviations. (Feet, not Ft.)

  3. For “start”, “end” and “total”, only total will be machine processible. For example:

  4. <mods:part>
    <mods:extent unit='pages">

    start (13) and end (24) are strings, total (12) is integer

  5. @unit occurs (1) as an attribute of extent in part; or (2) an attribute of physicalDescription. you can include or omit the attribute @unit in either case, and if you omit it then the values are not intended to be machine processible. If it is included, it is intended to be machine processible and that would be possible only if the value of unit is understood, which is why we are trying to normalize it.

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