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MARC 21 to MODS 3.8 Mapping

October 2023

This mapping is for use with MODS Schema version 3.8. The previous version of this mapping for use with the MODS Schema version 3.7 is located online at:

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. MARC to MODS 3.8 Mapping
  3. MODS 3.8 Changes

1. Introduction

This mapping gives equivalencies between MARC and MODS data elements, but is not intended to be a crosswalk that allows for bi-directional conversions without some loss of data. Where multiple MARC elements are indicated for a single MODS element, if converted to MODS and then converted back to MARC, some specificity would be lost since some elements cannot be converted back to the same element from which they originated. This document is intended for use in converting MARC 21 bibliographic records to MODS. Some data elements from associated holdings records are also included under the section about mapping MARC 21 holdings.

Where multiple subfields are specified or implied, data will be concatenated with a space substituted for the subfield delimiter and subfield code. Where multiple fields are indicated, each will be a separate instance of the element (with subfields concatenated).

2. Mapping for MARC 21 bibliographic records to MODS 3.8

The Excel spreadsheet below contains the mapping of MARC to MODS data elements.

HOME >> Conversions >> MARC to MODS 3.8

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