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Bicentennial Conference  on 
        Bibliographic Control for the New Millenium: Confronting the Challenges of Networked 
        Resources and the Web
sponsored by the Library of Congress Cataloging Directorate

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Day 1 Speakers:

Introductory remarks by Beacher Wiggins, Director for Cataloging (11:17)

Introductory remarks by John Byrum, Chief, Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division and conference organizer (6:01)

Keynote address "From Card Catalogues to WebPACS: Celebrating Cataloging in the 20th Century" by Michael Gorman (17:35)

Topic 1: The Library Catalog and the Web

The Catalog as Portal to the Internet by Sarah Thomas (19:35)

The Library Catalogue in a Networked Environment by Tom Delsey (22:02)

International Metadata Initiatives: Lessons in Bibliographic Control by Priscilla Caplan (19:01)

Comments on Thomas paper by Brian Schottlaender (12:25)

Comments on Delsey paper by Jennifer Trant (12:45)

Comments on Caplan paper by Robin Wendler (9:50)

Q & A session relating to topic 1 speakers (14:40)

Topic 2: Assessing Current Library Standards for Bibliographic Control and Web Access

Crossing a Digital Divide: AACR2 and Unaddressed Problems of Networked Resources by Matthew Beacom (20:21)

Exploiting LCSH, LCC, and DDC to Retrieve Networked Resources by Lois Mai Chan(19:41)

Comments on Beacom paper by Glenn Patton (12:41)

Comments on Chan paper by Diane Vizine-Goetz (11:50)

Resource Discovery Using Z39.50: Promise and Reality by William E. Moen (22:05)

Authority Control on the Web by Barbara Tillett (18:37)

Q & A session relating to topic 2 speakers (14:50)

Topic 3: Future Directions

AACR2 and Its Place in the Digital World: Near-term Revisions and Long-term Direction by Ann Huthwaite (18:50)

Extending MARC to Meet New Challenges in Bibliographic Control of the Web by Sally McCallum (20:54)

Comments on Huthwaite paper by Lynne Howarth (16:15)

Comments on McCallum paper by Paul Weiss (9:45)

Day 2 Speakers:

Business Unusual: How "Event-Awareness" May Breathe Life Into the Catalog? by Carl Lagoze (20:55)

Descriptive Resource Needs from the Reference Perspective by Carolyn Larson and Linda Arret (21:12)

Q & A session relating to topic 3 speakers (20:50)

Topic 4: Experimentation

A Comparison of Web Resource Access Experiments: Planning for the New Millennium by Jane Greenberg (15:20)

Redesign of Library Workflows: Experimental Models for Electronic Resource Description by Karen Calhoun (20:52)

Q & A session relating to topic 4 speakers (15:04)

Topic 5: Exploring Partnerships

Exploring Partnerships: Librarians, Producers and Vendors: What Do Librarians Need? by Michael Kaplan (20:10)

Comments on Kaplan paper by Lynn Connaway (12:35)

Comments on Kaplan paper by Jeff Calcagno (12:50)

Comments on Kaplan paper by Amira Aaron (14:16)

Partnerships to Mine Unexploited Sources of Metadata by Regina Reynolds (18:55)

Q & A session relating to topic 5 speakers (5:37)

Day 3 Topical Discussion Group recommendations

TDG1: Choosing Electronic Resources: What Is a Valuable Web Resource? (9:25)

TDG2: What Are The Continuing Education Needs of Professional Catalogers? (10:41)

TDG3A: What Near-Term Cooperative Partnerships Should Libraries Explore in the Digital World? (11:09)

TDG3B: What Long-Term Cooperative Partnerships Should Libraries Explore in the Digital World? (13:41)

TDG4A: How Can AACR2 Become More Responsive to Cataloging Networked Resources on the Web in the Near-Term? (13:57)

TDG4B: How Can AACR2 Become More Responsive to Cataloging Networked Resources on the Web in the Long-Term? (15:53)

TDG5: What Can the Library Community Offer in Support of Semantic Interoperability? (5:49)

TDG6: What Automated Tools Could Assist Libraries to Meet the Information Needs of Their Users? (13:39)

TDG7: What Steps Can The Library Take to Achieve Integrated Access to the Catalog and Other Discovery Tools? (12:14)

TDG8: How Can Libraries Participate More Actively in the Development of Metadata Standards? (12:14)

TDG9: How Can Catalogers and Metadata Providers Ensure that Resource Descriptions Meet Reference Needs? (8:09)

Wrap-up and closing remarks by Beacher Wiggins, Director for Cataloging (9:58)

Cataloging Directorate test cybercast video on CORC, BEOnline+, BECites+, and CORC Pathfinders

Library of Congress
November 28, 2000
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