Speakers and their presentations

given at the

Library of Congress,

October 13, 1994

To view the description of the presentations given at the library as well as to see a photograph of the speaker, click on a speaker's name.

Susan Hockey, Text Encoding Initiative and SGML

Carl Fleischhauer, Organizing Digital Archival Collections: American Memory's Experiences with Bibliographic Records and Other Finding Aids

Lynn Marko, Technology Shift and the Impact on Cataloging: a View from the University of Michigan

Joan Swanekamp, Cataloging Interactive Multimedia: The Issues

David Williamson, Text Capture and Electronic Conversion

Edward Gaynor, Cataloging Digital Images: Issues

Diane Vizine-Goetz, Cataloging Internet Resources

David Bearman, keynote speaker, Virtual Electronic Junkyard or Cultural Treasure Trove?