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Advantages of Classification Web Plus:

  • Full-text schedule display of all Library of Congress classification schedules--including G class geographic cutters.
  • Complete Library of Congress subject headings in familiar thesaurus-style display.
  • Complete Library of Congress name headings.
  • All files updated daily, providing optimal data accuracy.
  • Access to data anywhere you have a World Wide Web connection.
  • Correlations between LC classification numbers and LC subject headings.
  • Hypertext links within and between classes and subclasses speed access to critical data.
  • Powerful search & navigation tools.
  • Automatic calculation of classification table numbers.
  • Permanent institutional or personal notes file.
  • Ability to link to local Web OPAC for many major vendor systems.
  • Preset list of institutional OPACs to which users can link.
  • Display of non-Roman characters.
  • MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data
  • MARC 21 Format for Authority Data
  • MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data
  • MARC 21 Format for Classification Data
  • MARC 21 Format for Community Information
  • Classification & Shelflisting Manual
  • CONSER Cataloging Manual
  • CONSER Editing Guide
  • Descriptive Cataloging Manual
  • Moving Image Genre-Form Guide
  • Subject Headings Manual
  • Library of Congress Controlled Vocabularies
    • Children’s Subject Headings (CYAC)
    • Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH)
    • Free-Floating Subdivisions
    • Library of Congress Demographic Group Terms (LCDGT)
    • Library of Congress Genre Form Terms (LCGFT)
    • Library of Congress Medium of Performance Thesaurus for Music (LCMPT)
  • Resource Description & Access (RDA) Metadata Guidance Documents
  • Summaries of Decisions from Subject Editorial Meetings
  • Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) Documentation
  • ALA-LC Romanization Tables
  • Cataloging Service Bulletin
  • CONSERline

LC/Dewey Correlations

Used with OCLC's WebDewey® Service, this Class Web feature allows you to pinpoint the most up-to-date LC Classification and Subject Headings and then locate the most current corresponding Dewey Classification numbers.

Subscribers to OCLC's WebDewey service can also link between products to obtain the current Dewey classification data. For information on how to subscribe to WebDewey, check OCLC's Web site at

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