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Single User: $375

Subscription includes:

  • username and password access (no site restrictions)
  • single personal notes file

Concurrent Users per site*

Single User $375
2-5 Concurrent Users $600
6-10 Concurrent Users $675
11-15 Concurrent Users $800
16-20 Concurrent Users $1,000
21-25 Concurrent Users $1,400
26+ Users $1,900

Subscription includes:

  • Unlimited connection time for maximum number of concurrent users.
  • One local notes file per account.
  • Three types of access:
    1. Account manager username and password (has the ability to edit notes and set account display preferences).
    2. Site IP address: set up a range of computers at your site.
    3. One read-only password for site users not connected to a local LAN.

* site is defined as a contiguous geographical location. (Click here for a detailed description of a site (PDF 2.4 MB). See item I, Subscriber's Site, on page 4 of the pdf.

How to Order Classification Web (or register for a one time only 30-Day Free Trial)

Procedures for new and renewing subscribers (and for registering for a free trial)

  1. Renewing subscribers are not required to complete the Terms and Conditions agreement a second time and need only complete the Order Form (PDF 262 KB).
  2. New subscribers (and those wanting a 30-Day Free Trial) should download the Purchase Instructions and may also wish to download the Terms and Conditions agreement for review. (CDS does not require a signed, hard-copy agreement.) Then complete the Order Form.

Process for obtaining the Class Web Purchase Instructions, Order Form, and Terms and Conditions agreement online

  1. Click on the files below that you require and save them to the hard drive of your computer.
  2. Changes to the Class Web Order Form cannot be saved to your computer. You can complete the form and print it out, or print it out and complete it by hand.
  3. After you complete the Order Form, fax a copy of the completed Order Form to CDS at 202-707-1771.

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