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The following questions are the ones most frequently posed to the FEDLINK Fiscal Hotline staff. If you have further questions, contact the Hotline at (202) 707-4900.


  • What is FEDLINK?
    The FEDLINK program provides federal libraries, information centers and other federal offices with joint procurement of online databases, books, serials and other commerical information services and with library support services.

  • How can my agency become a FEDLINK member?
    If your organization is a federally funded library, information center or other federal office or a federal contractor, it can participate in the FEDLINK program. Call the FEDLINK Fiscal Hotline at (202) 707-4900 and we'll send you a Registration Package and Member Handbook.

  • What are the advantages of participating in the FEDLINK program?
    FEDLINK is dedicated to helping you get the most value for your information service dollar. Contracting though FEDLINK saves costs and reduces the burden of paperwork by establishing a simplified, centralized approved method for procuring information services and processing invoices. FEDLINK also helps you make sure vendors are paid on time.

  • What are the benefits of using FEDLINK as opposed to going directly to the vendor for service?
    FEDLINK's group discounts are as much as 50% off of commercial rates for some services. FEDLINK saves time and money, reduces administrative paperwork, and offers your agency financial management support.

  • I can't find my FEDLINK Member Handbook. How can I get more forms sent to me?
    For more forms, call the FEDLINK Fiscal Hotline on (202) 707-4900 or link to our forms online.

  • Who has the authority to sign the forms and the IAG?
    The FEDLINK member contact has the authority to sign the Registration Form and IAG amendment request forms. The person who signs your IAG must be someone with budget authority within your agency, such as a comptroller or finance officer.

  • How do I register for FEDLINK Classes/ Events?
    To register for FEDLINK classes and events, call (202) 707-4800, or try our online registration forms.

  • May I talk to an OCLC Specialist?
    FLICC has librarians and OCLC information specialists on staff to answer specific questions . You can reach them by calling (202) 707-4848. For other staff, please link to our staff directory or call (202) 707-4800.

Account Information
  • What's the difference between an account statement and a billing document?
    Each month FEDLINK sends an account statement to the IAG contact which shows the monthly activity of each of your accounts, including the billing balance, any invoices that have been posted to your account for that month and an ending balance .

    A billing document is sent from the LC Financial Services Directorate (FSD) to your agency to collect the funds you agreed to transfer to LC when your agency signed the IAG. It directly reflects the amount of the IAG and when payment to LC is due. The billing document is sent to your agency's Finance Office (the address on the signature page of your IAG). An informational copy of the billing document is sent to the IAG contact.

  • Can my agency's prior year funds be moved forward into current year accounts?
    Does your agency have no-year or multi-year funds? Member agencies with a balance of no-year or multi-year funds remaining in accounts from a prior fiscal year can move the funds into the current fiscal year. To find our what type of funding you have, check with your agency's budget office.

  • When can my agency place orders with my vendor?
    After the delivery order has been signed by a FEDLINK contracting officer, a copy of the delivery order will be sent to the vendor and to you. When you receive your copy of the delivery order, you can call the vendor and place your orders. Orders for the current year must be placed by the time the current year ends on September 30th.

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