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007 - Physical Description Fixed Field-General Information (R)

MARC 21 Bibliographic - Concise
November 2021


Special information about the physical characteristics in a coded form. The information may represent the whole item or parts of an item such as accompanying material.

The physical characteristics are often related to information in other parts of the MARC record especially from field 300 (Physical Description) or one of the 5XX note fields.

Field has a generic tree structure, whereby codes given in 007/00 (Category of material) determine the data elements defined for subsequent character positions.

The data elements in field 007 are positionally defined and the number of character positions in field 007 depends upon the code contained in 007/00. Character position 00 contains a code that identifies the category of material. The fill character (|) is not allowed in this position. The fill character may be used in any other character position when the cataloging agency makes no attempt to code the position.

The categories of material for which field 007 is applicable in bibliographic records are presented in the following order in the field description: map, electronic resource, globe, tactile material, projected graphic, microform, nonprojected graphic, motion picture, kit, notated music, remote-sensing image, sound recording, text, videorecording, and unspecified.

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