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Program Web Archiving

Web Archiving Collaborations

International Internet Preservation Consortium

The Library of Congress is a founding member and active participant in the International Internet Preservation Consortium External, participating in a number of collaborative web archive activities with partners within the United States, and from around the world. Currently the Library has representation on the IIPC Steering Committee External, as well as in leadership roles in the Preservation Working Group External, and the Training Working Group External.

Federal Government Web Archiving Interest Group

The Federal Web Archiving Interest Group is a multi-agency collaboration seeking to promote best practices in U.S. government Federal agency website preservation. The Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, and Government Publishing Office formed this working group in 2015 and were soon joined by other agencies such as the National Library of Medicine, the Smithsonian Institution External, Department of Education, and Department of Heath and Human Services. Goals include: 

  • Encourage collaboration among federal agencies involved in or interested in web archiving.
  • Raise awareness about the web harvesting and archiving activities.
  • Coordinate with members and other Federal agencies to ensure that Federal funds for harvesting and archiving web-based content are used efficiently.
  • Conduct outreach to Federal agency web masters to determine agency perspectives and raise agency awareness of website design and its impact on discoverability, access, and preservation.
  • Collaborate with people at and other groups that make website design recommendations to ensure that more specifications that support web archiving and preservation are included in recommendations.
  • Investigate and establish the use of common metrics for the archiving of Federal sites, such as measuring success rates of captures.
  • Help agencies align their web archiving policies with others on multiple aspects of building, maintaining, and providing access to web archives collections.

End of Term Archive

The Library helps lead an effort to document changes in U.S. Government during transitions between presidential administrations. Results of this effort are hosted at External. Read more about the activity in blog posts on The Signal

Collaborative Collecting

In addition to building its own web archive collections, the Library of Congress also collaborates with other organizations to document events unfolding on the web in the United States and around the world. In most cases, access is provided through partner organizations. Library staff have contributed to the following collaborative archives:

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