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Bioethics : an anthology. Edited by Helga Kuhse and Peter Singer. Oxford, Eng., Malden, MA, Blackwell Publishers, 1999. (Blackwell philosophy anthologies ; 9) 600 p.
   R724.B4582 1999

Bioethics : an introduction to the history, methods, and practice. Edited by Nancy S. Jecker, Albert R. Jonsen, Robert A. Pearlman. Boston, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, c1997. 416 p.
   R724.B4583 1997

Bioethics and society : constructing the ethical enterprise. Edited by Raymond DeVries and Janardan Subedi. Upper Saddle River, NJ, Prentice Hall, c1998. 276 p.
   R724.B467 1998

Bioethics for medical education. Volume editor: Rem B. Edwards. Stamford, CT, JAI Press, c1999. (Advances in bioethics ; v. 5) 353 p.
   R724.B482 1999

Bioethics for students : how do we know what's right? : issues in medicine, animal rights, and the environment. Edited by Stephen G. Post. New York, Macmillan Reference USA, c1999. 4 v.
   R724.B4825 1999

Bioethics in social context. Edited by Barry Hoffmaster. Philadelphia, Temple University Press, 2001. 234 p.
   R724.B4826 2001

Bioethics, justice, and health care. Edited by Wanda Teays and Laura M. Purdy. Belmont, CA, Wadsworth/Thomson Learning, c2001. 683 p.
   R724.B4827 2001

Biology and the foundation of ethics. Edited by Jane Maienschein and Michael Ruse. Cambridge, Eng., New York, Cambridge University Press, 1999. (Cambridge studies in philosophy and biology) 336 p.
   BJ1311.B5 1999

Biomedical ethics. New York, McGraw-Hill, c1996. 645 p.
   R724.B49 1996

Birth to death : science and bioethics. Edited by David C. Thomasma and Thomasine Kushner. Cambridge, Eng., New York, Cambridge University Press, 1996. 382 p.
   R724.B497 1996

Childress, James F. Practical reasoning in bioethics. Bloomington, Indiana University Press, c1997. (Medical ethics series) 385 p.
   R724.C477 1997

Clark, Stephen R. L. The political animal : biology, ethics, and politics. London, New York, Routledge, 1999. 207 p.
   JA80.C53 1999

Contemporary issues in bioethics. Edited by Tom L. Beauchamp and LeRoy Walters. Belmont, CA, Wadsworth Pub., c1999. 786 p.
   R724.C67 1999

Embodying bioethics : recent feminist advances. Edited by Anne Donchin and Laura M. Purdy. Lanham, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, c1999. (New feminist perspectives series) 286 p.
   QH332.E43 1999

Engelhardt, H. Tristram. The foundation of bioethics. New York, Oxford University Press, 1996. 446 p.
   R724.E54 1996

Fox, Michael W. Bringing life to ethics : global bioethics for a humane society. Albany, State University of New York Press, c2001. 251 p.
   QH332.F68 2001
   Foreword by Bernard E. Rollin.

Fox, Michael W. Eating with conscience : the bioethics of food. Troutdale, OR, NewSage Press, 1997. p.
   BJ52.5.F69 1997

Freedman, Benjamin. Duty and healing : foundations of a Jewish bioethic. Edited and with an introduction by Charles Weijer. New York, Routledge, 1999. (Reflective bioethics) 344 p.
   BM538.H43F74 1999

Hilton, Bruce. Second opinion : reflecting on contemporary issues in bioethics. Nashville, TN, Abingdon Press, c2001. 179 p.
   R724.H535 2001

Human lives : critical essays on consequentialist bioethics. Edited by David S. Oderberg and Jacqueline A. Laing. New York, St. Martin's Press, 1997. 244 p.
   R724.H784 1997

The human rights, ethical and moral dimensions of health care. By the European Scientific Co-operation Network "Medicine and Human Rights" of the European Federation of Scientific Networks. Strasbourg, Council of Europe Pub., c1998. 485 p.

Issues in agricultural bioethics. Edited by T.B. Mepham, G.A. Tucker, J. Wiseman. Nottingham, Nottingham University Press, 1995. 413 p.
   BJ52.5.I87 1995

Just technology? : from principles to practice in bio-ethical issues. Compiled by Walter W. Eigner and others. North York, Ont., Roeher Institute, c1994. (Issue paper / International League of Societies for Persons with Mental Handicap) 180 p.

Kerridge, Ian H., Michael Lowe and John McPhee. Ethics and law for the health professions. Katoomba, N.S.W., Social Science Press, 1998. 501 p.

Life and death : moral implications of biotechnology. Edited by Viggo Mortensen. Geneva, Published for the Lutheran World Federation by WCC Publications, c1995. 109 p.
   QH332.L52 1995

Mataré, Herbert F. Bioethics : the ethics of evolution and genetic interference. Westport, CT, Bergin & Garvey, 1999. 141 p.
   QH332.M38 1999

McKenny, Gerald P. To relieve the human condition : bioethics, technology, and the body. Albany, NY, State University of New York Press, c1997. 279 p.
   R724.M2922 1997

McTeer, Maureen. Tough choices : living and dying in the 21st century. Toronto, Ont., Irwin Law, 1999. 211 p.
   R724.M29233 1999

Meilaender, Gilbert. Body, soul, and bioethics. Notre Dame, University of Notre Dame Press, c1995. 134 p.
   R724.M35 1995

Moreno, Jonathan D. Deciding together : bioethics and moral consensus. New York, Oxford University Press, 1995. 165 p.
   R724.M677 1995

New dimensions in bioethics : science, ethics, and the formulation of public policy. Edited by Arthur W. Galston and Emily G. Shurr. Boston, Kluwer Academic, c2001. 225 p.
   QH332.N49 2001

Philosophical perspectives on bioethics. Edited by L.W. Sumner and Joseph Boyle. Toronto, Ont., Buffalo, University of Toronto Press, c1996. (Toronto studies in philosophy) 299 p.
   R724.P46 1996

Pragmatic bioethics. Edited by Glenn McGee. Nashville, TN, Vanderbilt University Press, 1999. (The Vanderbilt library of American philosophy) 302 p.
   R725.5.P73 1999

Ridley, Aaron. Beginning bioethics : a text with integrated readings. New York, St. Martin's Press, c1998. 288 p.
   R724.R498 1998

Shannon, Thomas A. An introduction to bioethics. New York, Paulist Press, c1997. 189 p.
   R724.S455 1997

Smith, George P. Human rights and biomedicine. Boston, Kluwer Law International, 2000. p.
   K3601.S63 2000

Society's choices : social and ethical decision making in biomedicine. Edited by Ruth Ellen Bulger, Elizabeth Meyer Bobby, Harvey V. Fineberg. Committee on the Social and Ethical Impacts of Developments in Biomedicine, Division of Health Sciences Policy, Institute of Medicine. Washington, National Academy Press, 1995. 541 p.
   R724.S598 1995

Vent'anni di bioetica. English. History of bioethics : international perspectives Edited by Roberto Dell'Oro and Corrado Viafora. San Francisco, CA, International Scholars Publications, 1996. 313 p.
   R724.V4413 1996

Wheeler, Sondra Ely. Stewards of life : bioethics and pastoral care. Nashville, Abingdon Press, c1996. 126 p.
   BV4335.W47 1996

Zülicke, Freddy. Bioethik : Beiträge zu philosophisch-ethischen Problemen der Biowissenschaften. Cuxhaven, Junghans, 1996. (Hochschulschriften Philosophie ; Bd. 32) 166 p.
   QH332.Z86 1996

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