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Statistics: Sources in the Sciences

Science Reference Guide No. 12



Chitty, Mary Glen. Federal information sources in health and medicine: a selected annotated bibliography. New York, Greenwood Press, 1988. 306 p. (Bibliographies and indexes in medical studies, no. 1)
   Z6658.C445 1988 <SciRR>

Facts at your fingertips: a guide to sources of statistical information on major health topics. 5th ed. Hyattsville, Md., U.S. Depart- ment of Health and Human Services, National Center for Health Statistics, [1981]. 180 p. (DHHS publication, no. (PHS) 81-1264)
   RA407.3.F32 1981 <SciRR>

Goehlert, Robert. Statistical data sources. Monticello, Ill., Vance Bibliographies, 1986. 14 p. (Public administration series, P 2022)
   Z7551.G63 1986

Guide to U.S. Government statistics. 1961- (annual) McLean, Va., Documents Index.
   Z7554.U5G8 <SciRR> and <MRR>

Kendall, Maurice George, and Alison G. Doig. Bibliography of statistical literature. New York, Arno Press, 1981, c1962-1968. 3 v.
   Z7551.K42 1981 <MRR>
   Retrospective guide to sources dating back to the 16th century.

Kurian, George Thomas. Sourcebook of global statistics. New York, Facts on File, c1985. 413 p.
   Z7551.K46 1985 <SciRR>

Statistics sources. 1962- (irregular) Detroit, Gale Research.
   Z7551.S83 <SciRR desk> and <SSRR>

Weber, R. David. Energy information guide. Santa Barbara, Calif., ABC-Clio, 1982-1984. 3 v.
   Z5853.P83W38 1982 <SciRR>
   Contents: v. 1. General and alternative energy sources. v. 2. Nuclear and electric power. v. 3. Fossil fuels. Tells where to get statistical information on energy sources, environmental impact, conservation, etc.

Westfall, Gloria. Bibliography of official statistical yearbooks and bulletins. Alexandria, Va., Chadwyck-Healy, 1986. 247 p.
   Z7551.W47 1986 <SSRR desk> and <MRR desk>
   Covers more than 200 countries. Entries arranged geographically.



American statistics index. 1973- (monthly, with quarterly and annual cumulations) Bethesda, Md., Congressional Information Service.
   Z7554.U5A46 <SSRR>, <MRR>, <Micro>, and <N&CPRR>
   Comprehensive guide and index to the statistical publications of the U.S. government. The FICHE set of documents indexed is in the MICROFORM READING ROOM.

DataMap. 1983- (updated irregularly? 1988 most recent as of 3/89) Phoenix, Ariz., Oryx Press.
   Z7552.D37 SSRR, <MRR desk> latest
   Index of published tables of statistical data.

Index to health information. 1988- (quarterly, with annual cumulations) Bethesda, Md., Congressional Information Service.
   The publications covered by this index have been selected from four CIS abstract and index services: CIS/Index, American Statistics Index, Statistical Reference Index, and Index to International Statistics.

Index to international statistics. 1983- (monthly, with quarterly and annual cumulations) Bethesda, Md., Congressional Information Service.
   Z7552.I53 <MRR>, <Micro>, <N&CPRR>, and <SSRR>
   A guide to the statistical publications of international intergovernmental organizations. FICHE IN MICROFORM READING ROOM.

Statistical reference index. 1980- (monthly with quarterly and annual cumulations) Bethesda, Md., Congressional Information Service.
   Z7554.U5S73 <MRR>, <Micro>, <N&CPRR>, and <SSRR>
   Selective guide to American statistical publications from private organizations and state government sources. FICHE IN MICROFORM READING ROOM.



Historical statistics of the United States, colonial times to 1970. Washington, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, 1975. 2 v. (House document, 93rd Congress, 1st session, no. 93-78)
   HA202.B87 1975 <SciRR>, <SSRR>, and <MRR>

Information please almanac, atlas and yearbook. 1947- (annual) New York, McGraw-Hill.
   AY64.I55 <SciRR>

Statistical abstract of the United States. 1878- (annual) Washington, U.S. Govt. Print. Off.
   HA202 <SciRR desk>

United Nations. Statistical Office. Statistical yearbook / Annuaire statistique. 1948- New York, United Nations.
   HA12.5.U63 <SSRR desk>
   Updated monthly by the Monthly Bulletin of Statistics, United Nations, Statistical Office.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Statistical yearbook / Annuaire statistique. 1963- Paris, Unesco.
   AZ361.U45 <SSRR desk>
   Statistics dealing with education, science and technology, culture and communication.

World almanac and book of facts. 1898- (annual) New York, Pharos Books.
   AY67.N5W7 <SciRR desk>



Aerospace facts and figures. 1960- (annual) Compiled by Economic Data Service, Aerospace Research Center. Washington, Aerospace Industries Association.
   TL501.A818 <SciRR desk>

Agricultural statistics. United States Department of Agriculture. 1936- (annual) Washington, U.S. Govt. Print. Off.
   HD1751.A43 <SciRR desk>
   Covers agricultural production, supplies, consumption, facilities, costs and returns.

"Annual report on American industry." Forbes. 1917-
   HF5001.F6 <SSRR> and <B&E>
   First January issue features statistics on industries.

Biology data book. 2nd ed. Compiled and edited by Philip L. Altman and Dorothy S. Dittmer. Bethesda, Md., Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 1972-1974. 3 v.
   QH310.A392 <SciRR>
   Biological reference data for physiology and morphology of animals and man. Tables and references.

Computer industry almanac. 1987- (annual) New York, Brady.
   HD9696.A1C65 <SciRR>, <SSRR>, and <B&E>

Computer industry forecasts. 1987- (quarterly) La Mesa, Calif., Data Analysis Group.

Electronic market data book. 1970- (annual) Washington, Marketing Services Department, Electronic Industries Association.
   HD9696.A3U539 <SciRR>
   Supersedes Electronic Industries Yearbook.

Electronics. 1930- (monthly) New York, McGraw-Hill.
   TK7800.E4384 <SciRR>
   January issues feature a statistical report on the electronics industry.

Energy statistics yearbook. 1982- (annual) New York, United Nations, Department of International Economic and Social Affairs, Statistical Office.
   HD9502.A1Y42 SSRR, latest in <MRR>
   International, long-term trends.

Environmental data report. Prepared for the United Nations Environment Program by the Monitoring and Assessment Research Centre, London, UK, in cooperation with the World Resources Institute, Washington, D.C. Oxford, New York, Blackwell, 1987. 352 p.
   TD174.E575 1987 <SciRR>
   International, long-term trends.

Environmental quality: the ... annual report of the Council on Environmental Quality. 1970- Washington, Executive Office of the President, Council on Environmental Quality; U.S. Govt. Print. Off.
   Section on environmental trends includes data on air and water quality, water and energy consumption, endangered species, natural disaster data, etc. Gives sources.

FAA statistical handbook of aviation. 1959- (annual) Washington, Dept. of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration.
   TL521.A41612 <SciRR>

FAO production yearbook. 1947?- (annual) Rome, Food and Agricul- ture Organization of the United Nations.
   HD1241.P76 <SciRR>
   Offers a wide range of tables on area and production of major crops and on livestock numbers and products.

FAO trade yearbook. 1947?- (annual) Rome, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
   HD9000.4.T7 <MRR> latest
   Offers a wide range of tables on trade in agricultural products, e.g., sugar, tea, meat of bovine animals, coffee, etc. Introduction lists other FAO statistical sources that might be useful. Note that the former call number was HD9000.4.F58. Some volumes between 1980-1985 retain this number.

Health, United States. 1975- (annual) Hyattsville, Md., National Center for Health Statistics.
   RA407.3.U57a <MRR>

International science and technology data update. Prepared by the National Science Foundation, Directorate for Scientific, Technological, and International Affairs, Division of Science Resources Studies. 1984- (annual) Washington, National Science Foundation.

Metal statistics. 1908?- (annual) New York, American Metal Market.
   HD9506.U6A5 <SciRR>

Mineral commodity summaries. 19 - (annual) Washington, U.S. Bureau of Mines.
   HD9506.U6U48b <SciRR>, latest in <MRR Alc>

Minerals yearbook. 1933- Washington, U.S. Bureau of Mines.
   TN23.U612 <SciRR>

Science & engineering indicators. 1972- (biennial) Washington, U.S. National Science Foundation.
   SCIENCE INFORMATION--GENERAL vertical file, Q172.5.S34S34 <SciRR>
   Continues Science Indicators, 1972-1986, call number T14.5.U54.

Science and technology data book. Washington, National Science Foundation, 1988. 51 p.
   STATISTICS vertical file <SciRR>
   Graphs and tables show R&D funding, human resources in science and engineering, international science and technology indicators.

Statistical year book of the electric utility industry. 1960- Washington, Edison Electric Institute.
   HD9685.U4E33 <SciRR>

Synthetic organic chemicals: United States production and sales. 1938- (annual) Washington, U.S. International Trade Commission.

Vital statistics of the United States. 1937- (annual) Hyattsville, Md., National Center for Health Statistics.
   HA203.A22 <SciRR>

The Weather almanac. 1974- (triennial?) Detroit, Gale.
   QC983.W38 <SciRR desk>

The World food book: an A-Z atlas, and statistical sourcebook. Edited by David Crabbe and Simon Lawson. London, Kogan Page; New York, Nichols Pub. Co., 1981. 240 p.
   HD9000.5.W567 <SciRR>

World health statistics annual. 1962- Geneva, World Health Organization.
   RA651.A485 <SciRR>

World resources: a report by the World Resources Institute and the International Institute for Environment and Development. 1986- (annual) New York, Basic Books.
   HC10.W827 <SciRR desk>

Yearbook of fishery statistics. 1931?- Washington, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
   SH1.Y4 <SciRR>
   Offers a wide range of tables on fish catches, imports and exports by country, etc. Does not have fishing vessel information.

Yearbook of forest products. 1967- Rome, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
   HD9750.4.Y4 <MRR>, <SSRR>, and <B&E>



Bowker annual of library and book trade information. 1962- New York, R.R. Bowker.
   Z731.A47 <SciRR desk>, latest in <MRR>

King, Donald Ward. Statistical indicators of scientific and technical communication, 1960-1980. Prepared by D.W. King et al. for the National Science Foundation, Division of Science Information. Rockville, Md., King Research Center for Quantitative Sciences; Washington, U.S. Govt. Print. Off., [1976]. 99 p.
   Q223.K54, also in SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE vertical file <SciRR>

Braun, Tibor. Scientometric indicators: a 32 country comparative evaluation of publishing performance and citation impact. Singapore, Philadelphia, World Scientific, c1985. 424 p.
   Z286.S4B73 1985 <SciRR>

Publisher's weekly. 1871?- (weekly) Riverton, N.J., R.R. Bowker.
   Z1219.P98 <SSRR> has current issues
   2nd issue in March contains data on book publishing by subject, etc.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Statistical yearbook / Annuaire statistique. Unesco. 1963- Paris, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
   Contains data on publishing, by country.
   AZ361.U45 <SSRR desk>

See also: SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS vertical file, SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE vertical file



Directory of online databases. 1979- (quarterly) Santa Monica, Calif., Cuadra Associates.
   Z699.22.D56 <SciRR desk>
   Includes subject index which also indicates whether database is numeric, bibliographic, full text, etc.

Evinger, William R. Federal statistical data bases: a comprehensive catalog of current machine-readable and online datafiles. Phoenix, Ariz., Oryx Press, 1988. 670 p.
   HA37.U55E84 1988

The Federal database finder. 1984/85- (irregular) Chevy Chase, Md., Information USA, Inc.
   QA76.9.D32F4 <SciRR> computer info. shelf, <MRR desk> latest
   A directory of free and fee-based databases and files available from the federal government. For government controlled databases, gives contact name and telephone number.


ADDITIONAL SOURCES OF INFORMATION (all telephone numbers verified 3/89)

Statistical services directory. 2nd ed. Detroit, Gale, 1984
   HA37.U137 1984 <SSRR desk>
    A guide to the organizations, corporations, professional and trade associations, research centers, universities, publishers, foundations, and government agencies that provide statistical services.

Agricultural statistics:
U.S. Department of Agriculture
National Agricultural Statistics Service
14th & Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20250
(202) 447-7017

Energy statistics:
National Energy Information Center
U.S. Department of Energy
Forrestal Building
1000 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20585
(202) 586-8800

Environmental statistics:
Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Public Affairs
401 M Street, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20460
(202) 382-4361
    Call here for referral to appropriate specialist.

Health statistics:
National Center for Health Statistics
3700 East-West Highway
Hyattsville, Maryland 20782
(301) 436-8500

Mineral resources statistics:
U.S. Bureau of Mines
Office of Public Information
2401 E Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20241
(202) 634-1001 and 634-1004
    Clearinghouse which will put you in touch with a specialist for a specific mineral.

Physical sciences statistics:
World Data Center A
National Academy of Sciences
2101 Constitution Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20418
Telephone subcenters directly
    The Washington office coordinates nine subcenters specializing in: (1) glaciology (snow and ice); (2) marine geology and geophysics (bathymetry, sediment and rock analyses); (3) meteorology (and nuclear radiation); (4) oceanography; (5) rockets and satellites; (6) rotation of the earth; (7) seismology; (8) solar-terrestrial physics (solar and interplanetary phenomena, ionospheric phenomena, flare-associated events, magnetospheric and interplanetary magnetic phenomena, aurora, cosmic rays, airglow); and (9) solid-earth geophysics (tsunamis, recent movements of the earth's crust, magnetic measurements, volcanology, geothermics). For further information on subcenters, see Encyclopedia of Information Systems and Services, Z674.3.E53 <SciRR>, <MRR> has latest issue.
    Note: This guide supplements a vertical file of the same title in the Science Reading Room.

June 1989, Updated 8/28/95 (MC)

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