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The Library of Congress Network Development and MARC Standards Office is developing a framework for working with MARC data in a XML environment. This framework is intended to be flexible and extensible to allow users to work with MARC data in ways specific to their needs. The framework itself includes many components such as schemas, stylesheets, and software tools.

MARCXML Architecture

MARCXML Schema & Documentation

MARCXML Example Documents

Tools & Utilities

The following are examples of the types of tools LC is considering maintaining. Some of these are recently written by NDMSO or have been adapted from tools built by others.

MARC DTD (Document Type Definition)

In the mid 1990's, the Network Development and MARC Standards Office developed two SGML DTDs that supported the conversion of cataloging data from the MARC data structure to SGML (and back) without loss of data. As technology developed and changed, the SGML DTDs have been converted to XML DTDs and then essentially retired in favor of MARCXML. These DTDs differ from the MARCXML schema by specifying each MARC data element as an XML element. This approach results in very large DTDs.


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   February 2, 2022
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