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BibDataZU V1.0 is a free Z39.50 client software. Featuresinclude:

  • Search Multiple Z39.50 databases simultaneously
  • Marc record rating
  • Export to MARC and Text
  • Export single or multiple records to one file
  • ISBN/Titles Batch Search
  • Marc Editor


Contact:Rigoberto Rodriguez

Mercury Z39.50 Client

Developed by Basedow Information Systems, Mercury Z39.50 Client for Windows 2000/XP is able to search multiple Z39.50 databases simultaneously. Records can be exported to MARC, XML, XML via XSL, to any OLE DB compatible database and as plain text. It is available as freeware.

Contact: Mark Basedow


ZMARCO allows MARC records available through a Z39.50 server to be made available via OAI.

Contact: Tom Habing

Alejandria WorldLibrary

(Needs updating; under investigation.)

A universal Z39.50 client that uses a web interface. It allows simultaneous queries to multiple Z servers, several user's sessions, to configure the details of the Z servers to be searched.The software may be downloaded from: http://alejandria.hacer.ula.ve/Z3950
Contact:Valeria León



A Z39.50 server providing access to CONTENTdm. It can be queried by any standard Z39.50 client and will return the results in USMarc or XML format.


VB ZOOM is an ActiveX DLL, written in Visual Basic which is an implementation of the ZOOM (Z39.50 Object-Orientation Model) Abstract API. It uses the YAZ Toolkit from Index Data. Documentation, source code, and ActiveX DLL -- all freely available from SourceForge .

Contact: Thomas Habing University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, (217) 244-4425


JZKit is a Pure Java, Open source (LGPL), toolkit designed to assist developers implementing the Z39.50 standard in pure java environments. The toolkit is presented in three distinct levels: Encoders/Decoders, Protocol Endpoint and IR-Services. A number of example origin and target implementations are available.

Knowledge Integration Ltd

Contact: Ian Ibbotson


(Needs updating; under investigation.)

Z39.50 Client Software operating in Microsoft Windows environment. The user interface is in Simplified Chinese. (It is recommended that the software be used on a Simplified Chinese version of Windows operating system). The software may be downloaded from: http://www.datatrans.com.cn
.For further information, contact JIN Peihua

ZedKit Plus for UNIX

a software development kit for developers of Z39.50 applications provided in the form of comprehensive Application Programming Interfaces. Originally developed as a UNIX toolkit for the German National Library project, DBV OSI II. Allows you to develop Z39.50 applications (client or server), where client applications can be either standalone applications or Web gateways. Comes with documentation and sample applications. The server-side architecture is multithreaded, and facilities include Z39.50 protocol logging, comprehensive error detection and memory management facilities.

ICONE Z39.50 Windows client

Supplied by Crossnet Systems. Built on Crossnet ZedKit for Windows, offering search and retrieval facilities, result set management, index browsing, sort, save and print records. Available for Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, NT.

Index Data Tools and Applications

  • YAZ / YAZ++
    C/C++ programmer's toolkits supporting the development of Z39.50/SRW/SRU clients and servers. Z39.50-2003 (version 3) as well as SRW/SRU version 1.1 are supported in both the client and server roles. The current versions of YAZ include support for the industry standard ZOOM API for Z39.50.
  • YAZ Proxy
    A highly configurable Z39.50 proxy server and SRW/SRU--Z39.50 gateway which can be used in a number of different applications, ranging from debugging Z39.50-based applications and protecting overworked servers, to improving the performance of stateless WWW/Z39.50 gateways and mapping retrieved MARC records to XML for re-purposing in a Web environment.
    A Perl interface for the "generic front-end server" component of the YAZ toolkit. It provides a simple API which hides the complexity of Z39.50 session management, PDU serialization and network operations; implements Z39.50 origin (client) functionality as well as the SRW/SRU protocols; supports init, search, present, scan and sort; can also handle GRS-1, MARC,
    SUTRS and XML, and enables the conversion of MARC in ISO2709 toMARCXML on the client side.
  • SimpleServer
    A Perl module intended to make it as simple as possible to develop new Z39.50 servers over any type of database imaginable. Runs in threaded mode, which, among other things, means that SimpleServer can run on a Windows platform.
  • Zebra
    A high-performance, general-purpose structured text indexing and retrieval engine that reads structured records in a variety of input formats (e.g. email, XML, MARC) and allows access to them through exact boolean search expressions and relevance-ranked free-text queries.
Contact: [email protected]


A minimal Z39.50-1995 (v.3) client-server pair and prototype indexing and fulltext search engines (PRISE) developed by NIST for Unix (Solaris) using Tk/Tcl for the GUI. No usage restrictions.


Commercial Software

The TeraText Database System

Formerly: The Structured Information Manager (SIM)
A high performance Z39.50 search engine and web development environment (also capable of connecting to non-TeraText Z39.50 servers). Extensive support for SGML, XML and MARC. Available for Linux (RedHat) and Windows. Developed, maintained and owned by Leidos Pty Ltd (a subsidiary of Leidos Inc, formerly SAIC).

Contact: Arnold-Moore, Tim J. <[email protected]>

Updated June 28, 2018


Commercial software developed and supported by Index Data

  • YAZ Proxy
    See YAZ Proxy under FREE SOFTWARE for description. Because each installation of YAZ Proxy is unique to the institution or company using it, there is no "generic" Open Source distribution. Depending on the wishes of the customer, a customized YAZ Proxy installation can either be an Open Source distribution or proprietary distribution.
  • YAZ Tools:
    YAZ / YAZ++
    See YAZ Tools and Applications under FREE SOFTWARE for descriptions. In addition to distributing them under a BSD license, Index Data also offers support agreements for each of these toolkits.
  • Zebra
    See Zebra under FREE SOFTWARE for description. The software is available for custom licensing arrangements as well as for free download. Support contracts are available but optional for both Open Source distributions and special license arrangements.
Contact: David Dorman

Integral Concepts ZSearcher 2.0

(Needs updating; under investigation.)

Integral Concepts ZSearcher is a Z39.50 v.3 client for Windows (9X, NT, XP) that uses multi-threading and multi-document design for high-speed simultaneous searches of multiple servers. Records can be retrieved in USMARC (MARC21), UKMARC or UNIMARC formats; exported with a built-in FTP client; and saved to disk as MARC, XML or ASCII text files.

Contact: Max Okrasa

Sunstone Z39.50 Server

Z39.50 Target for the BRS/SEARCH search engine. Easily configurable for any BRS database.

WebClarity Software Inc.



Z39.50 client application designed for librarian and researchers to search for metadata and cataloguing copy and export it in a variety of formats.  Supports parallel searching of multiple databases, as well as batch record searching.  Provides simple and expert search capabilities using keyword, Boolean, and cross-index searching as well as browse.  User interface available in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German.

BookWhere Online

Web-based Z39.50 search tool sold as an HTTP subscription service accessed via a standard Web browser including those used on Mac platforms.  Solid option for organizations with strict IT policies regarding downloading software to desktops and network firewalls.

EndNote from Clarivate Analytics

EndNote is used for collecting and maintaining bibliographic references for insertion into papers; the current version as of early 2017 is EndNote X8. It has a built in Z39.50 client that can connect to various Z39.50 sites.

An online version of EndNote also has a built-in Z39.50 client. It allows users not associated with an institution to use a limited set of Z39.50 databases, while users at an institution that has Web of Science or who have the desktop version of EndNote get access to a much larger list of Z39.50 sites .


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