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The Library of Congress, the National Library of Medicine, and OCLC, have each compiled a set of test records available for downloading and testing from this site. The records may be used by any institution or vendor for evaluating the impact of the following two recommendations of the PCC ISBD and MARC Task Group report [PDF 108 MB], page 1:

  1. Removal of terminal periods from bibliographic records
  2. Removal of separating punctuation corresponding to MARC 21 coding from bibliographic records

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions and the test announcement issued February 6, 2018 (Word, 25 KB) for further information about the test.

After test loading the records please provide your feedback in this survey.

Download test records

    • npsample.mrc [MARC File format, 361 KB]. There are 250 records in this file with terminal punctuation and separating punctuation corresponding to MARC 21 coding removed. Leader/18 (Desc in OCLC) has been coded c (ISBD punctuation omitted) and in the case of non-ISBD punctuation, with new code n (Non-ISBD punctuation omitted).