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Institutions that have no previous or current membership in any of the PCC programs (BIBCO, CONSER, NACO, and SACO) should follow the instructions below to apply for NACO or SACO membership.

Current members of a PCC program who wish to request membership in an additional PCC program should not use the instructions below. They should submit a request through their PCC Directory profile.

Institutions may not join BIBCO or CONSER unless they are NACO members.

To join NACO or SACO as a new PCC institution:

  1. Fill out the NACO/SACO Application/Information Form (Word, 27 KB) and save it as a Word or PDF file.
  2. Access the online PCC New Institution Membership Application in the PCC Directory system.
  3. Provide institution information, including a valid MARC 21 organization code and utility code.
  4. Submit contact information for a primary contact and, optionally, a secondary contact.
  5. Select the program your institution is applying to join (NACO or SACO), then select the membership level (Full or Funnel).
  6. Upload your completed NACO/SACO Application/Information Form (Word or PDF) when prompted by the system.
  7. Review and submit your online application.

You will receive an email acknowledgment that your application was successfully submitted. A member of the Cooperative Programs Section, Cooperative and Instructional Programs Division, Library of Congress, will be in touch with you about the membership application.

If you have questions about applying for NACO or SACO or about using the online application form, please contact [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in joining the PCC.