U.S. Capitol

The Office of the Director is headed by Director Mary B. Mazanec, who was nominated by the Librarian of Congress and confirmed by the Joint Committee on the Library of Congress in 2011. Director Mazanec works to advance and fulfill the Service’s statutory mission, as well as to define strategic directions, set priorities, supervise the research divisions and research support offices, oversee the multidisciplinary approach to research and analysis in support of Congress, and create and execute the budget. In consultation with the Director, Deputy Director T.J. Halstead is responsible for research and management, formulation and implementation of Service policies, and serving as CRS spokesperson and liaison. Deputy Director Halstead also oversees the Review Office and the Congressional Programs and Communications Office, which are housed in the Office of the Director. The Review Office ensures that the Service meets its congressional clients’ expectations for timely research and analytical support by reviewing all products for accuracy, objectivity and lack of partisan bias. The Congressional Programs and Communications Office coordinates seminars and programs for congressional clients; engages in outreach to Congress; produces multimedia, including video, for clients; and manages media requests, social media, website and internal communication.

Last Updated: 06/24/2020