E[superscript]a I ii

  1. …But you have changed your works,
  2. [and have not done according to his command, and tran]sgressed against him; (and have spoken) haughty and harsh words, with your impure mouths,
  3. [against his majesty, for your heart is hard]. You will have no peace.

En[superscript]a I iii

  1. [They (the leaders) and all … of them took for themselves]
  2. wives from all that they chose and [they began to cohabit with them and to defile themselves with them];
  3. and to teach them sorcery and [spells and the cutting of roots; and to acquaint them with herbs.]
  4. And they become pregnant by them and bo[re (great) giants three thousand cubits high …]

Transcription by J. T. Milik, amended by J. C. Greenfield; translation by J. C. Greenfield

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