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Portinari Murals at the Library of Congress

Cândido Portinari. Teaching of the Indians. Gouache on paper. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

For Jefferson, Imagination was the realm of the arts. The nucleus of his personal collection of books on architecture, music, literature, and criticism has grown to include all forms of American creativity.

Imagination has inspired men and women to create our built environment of churches and cities and parks; to delight our senses with music and theater and dance; to fill our leisure with the engaging diversions of games and competitions and fine cuisine; to test our physical limits in dance and sport; and to find the words that express what we feel and think and shape those words into poetry and prose.

With the old technology of the printing press and the new technologies of recording sound, sight, and motion, Imagination creates new forms of expression and frees humankind from the constraints of time and space.

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