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Collections: The Santa Barbara Mission Archive-Library dates back to the very founding of the Mission, December 4, 1786. In 1833 Father Narciso Durán, president of the California Missions, transferred his headquarters from Misión de San José to Misión de Santa Bárbara, bringing with him all documents of the mission chain which had accumulated since 1769, and these formed the founding archival repository. Copies of documents in photographic, photostatic and xerox form, several thousands in number, have been carefully collected from the principal archives of Spain, México, the United States and Rome to supplement original material holdings. These supplemental sources have been acquired from archives in Sevilla, Madrid and Mallorca; in Mexico City, the Huntington and Bancroft Libraries in California, the University of Texas in Austin and other smaller archives and libraries, both private and public.

A digest of each document had been made through the years and these together with the names of the sender and the recipient, the date, year and place of origin, a statement as to the number of pages, the type of document, original, photo, photostat, xerox or transcript, with a given serial number, have been typed into ten large loose-leaf binders which researchers may consult prior to using the documents.

The total documentation amounts to slightly over 75,000.

The reader of the Guide is advised to consult Father Maynard J. Geiger O.F.M.'s Calendar of Documents in the Santa Barbara Mission Archives (Washington, D.C.: Academy of Franciscan History, 1947) since it was Father Geiger who personally examined, arranged and numbered the documents when preparing the Calendar.

There are various collections in the archive-library: the Junípero Serra Collection (1713- ), the California Mission Documents (1640-1853), the Documents of the College of Our Lady of Sorrows at Santa Barbara (1853-1885), the De la Guerra Collection (the second largest family collection of documents, after the Vallejo Collection, relating to California Hispanic past), plus copies from other repositories such as the Alexander Taylor Collection from the Archdiocesan Archives in San Francisco, etc. Pertinent to this Guide, Father Geiger's Calendar lists the following materials, but perhaps more photoreproduced documents are available.

The Junípero Serra Collection

Archivo General de Indias


Total number of photographs: Unknown.

"November 3, 1768. Real de Santa Ana. Census of Spaniards

and Indians in Lower California from other provinces, based

on the padrones of the missions. [

de] Gálvez. Signed by Serra, census in another's hand." Father] Serra to [José

(1 p.)

AGI [Gobierno, Audiencia de Guadalajara], 104-3-4 [legajo


Geiger's Catalog #33.

"November 3, 1768. Real de Santa Ana. General statistics of the Lower California missions based on the padrones of the missions. [Father] Serra to [José de] Gálvez. Signed by Serra, statistics in another hand." (2 pp.)

AGI [Gobierno, Audiencia de Guadalajara], 104-3-4 [legajo 418]

Geiger's Catalog #34.

"July 2, 1770. Monterey. Serra to Gálvez concerning the formal occupation of Monterey, the celebration of Corpus Christi, Church goods, the future missionSerra's hand. A copy made in México and sent to Spain." (7 pp.) of San Buenaven- tura. Not in

AGI [Gobierno, Audiencia de Guadalajara], 104-3-3 [legajo 417](2)

Geiger's Catalog #60.

"June 21, 1774. San Carlos de Monterey. Serra to the viceroy on receiving the latter's letters dated January 5 and February 8, 1774, the sea explorations to the Northwest, [Fathers] Crespi and De la Peña being chaplains, SerraDominicans and supplies for the missions." (4 pp.)'s desire to found more missions, the concordat with the

AGI [Gobierno, Audiencia de Guadalajara], 104-6-17.

[Also a copy in hand of Father Palau, photograph from the

original at the Biblioteca Nacional, México, 5 pp.]

Geiger's Catalog #127.

"June 22, 1774. Monterey. Accounts of events by Serra: appearance of wreckage of small part of a ship in Carmelo Bay, the sea voyage of Juan Pérez to the Northwest, the curious ideas of Indians concerning the Spaniards, the 'resplendent' cross of Carmel." (3 pp.)

AGI, (?).

Geiger's Catalog #128.

"September 9, 1774. San Carlos de Monterey. Serra to the viceroy on Pérez' determination to sail for México instead of exploring Bay of San Francisco, cattle given to Missions Santa Clara and San Francisco, plan for presidio and mission of San Francisco, harvest and catch of fish at Carmelo, and on forwarding of diaries of the Northwest sea exploration."

AGI. (Facsimile made on January 21, 1884 for Adolph Sutro

by royal order of December 26, 1883.) (4 pp.)

Geiger's Catalog #145.

"October 7, 1774. San Carlos de Monterey. Serra to the Viceroy on sending the diaries of [Fathers] Crespi and Peña and the sea expedition to the Northwest. AGI. Facsimile of original made on January 21, 1884; for Adolph Sutro, by royal order of December 26, 1883.

Geiger's Catalog #148.

"January 8, 1775. San Carlos de Monterey. Serra to Viceroy on forwarding [Father] Palau's diary of the San Francisco Bay Area, details of the exploration, plans for Missions Santa Clara and San Buenaventura, soldiers for the missions, report of the missions, conflict between the soldiers and the Indians at San Luis Obispo, and change of mission site at San Diego. Certified by Melchor Paramás, México, May 27, 1775. It also contains a list of missionaries in California and their place of labor.

AGI [Gobierno, Audiencia de Guadalajara], 104-6-16 [legajo 514](3)

Geiger's Catalog #159.

"June 27, 1776. San Carlos de Monterey. Serra to Bucareli on letters received, the establishment of San Francisco, on Santa Clara, on mission for Santa Barbara Channel." (7 pp.)

AGI [Gobierno, Audiencia de Guadalajara], 104-4-18 [legajo 516](4)

Geiger's Catalog #213.

"October 8, 1776. San Diego. Serra to Viceroy on the former's voyage from Monterey to San Diego, aid rendered by Diego Choquet, suspension of building operations at San Diego, arrival of soldiers, monetary matters, mules and horses from Lower California, and Missions San Francisco, San Juan Capistrano and San Diego." (5 pp.)

AGI [Gobierno, Audiencia de Guadalajara], 104-6-16 [legajo 514]

Geiger's Catalog #221.

Capuchin Convent, Barcelona


Total number of photographs: Unknown.

"August 20, 1749. Cádiz. [Father Junípero] Serra to Fray Francisco Serra. An intimate, personal, deeply spiritual letter of Serra bidding farewell to parents, relatives and friends. (Discovered in the Capuchin Convent of Palma by the Reverend Francisco Torrens y Nicolau.) Written in Mallorquín."

Original at Capuchin Convent, Barcelona (CCB).

Geiger's Catalog #6.

"December 14, 1749. Vera Cruz. Serra to Fray Francisco Serra describing theCádiz to Vera Cruz, including the stay at Puerto Rico. In Mallorquín." (4 pp.) Original at CCB. voyage from

Geiger's Catalog #7.

"September 27, 1758. México. Serra to Fray Miguel de Petra telling of his recall from the Sierra Gorda Missions, of reverses in the missions of Texas (San Sabá) and giving words of encouragement to Fray Miguel with regard to friends in Mallorca." (4 pp.)

Original in CCB.

Geiger's Catalog #10.

"August 4, 1773. México. Serra to Fray Miguel de Petra. A personal letter relating to spiritual matters and concerning the latters' activity in Mallorca. Serra describes the location of Monterey, tells of missions founded, names the missionaries laboring in them; gives details of his journey from Monterey to México."

(Discovered in CCB by the Rev. Francisco Torrens y Nicolau.) (3 pp.)

Original in CCB.

Geiger's Catalog #101.

"August 26, 1773. Fray Pablo Font to Fray Jayme Axalo on the virtures and activities of Serra." Later copy but before 1790. Discovered at Palma de Mallorca by Torrens. (3 pp.)

Original in CCB.

Geiger's Catalog #102.

"November 25, 1784. México. [Father] Sancho to Provincial of Province of Mallorca on death of Serra, his reputation for holiness." (1 p.)

Original in CCB.

Geiger's Catalog #312.

"Before 1790. Poem by unknown author, undoubtedly a Franciscan of Mallorca, dedicated to the Province of Mallorca, occasioned by the death of Serra and acclaiming Fathers Serra, Crespi, and Jayme specially."

Original in CCB

Geiger's Catalog #391.

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