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Plan Implementation

This FY2024-2028 strategic plan serves as the Library’s North Star, guiding all parts of our agency. It is informed by consideration of strategic trends across cultural heritage organizations and federal agencies, input from internal stakeholders and engagement with a variety of external communities. The strategic goals and objectives that comprise the plan represent the aspirations and priorities of all Library of Congress service units, with an emphasis on ways in which the digital future will support and empower our users and staff.

This plan will be accomplished by the Library’s varied service units as they develop and execute carefully considered unit-level plans, designed to drive progress toward our strategic goals and objectives while also ensuring achievement of their focused missions. Along with thoughtful communication, this intentional planning will enable the Library to continue to fulfill our role as steward of the nation’s cultural and intellectual heritage, while we incorporate new approaches to better serve Congress and the American people.

Integrated Planning, Performance and Risk Management

The Library’s well-established integrated planning, performance and risk management framework equips the Library’s service units to implement this strategic plan effectively. By integrating multiyear planning, annual performance planning, risk management activities and periodic reporting, service units identify how best to contribute to the agency’s strategic goals and objectives, determine their own mission-specific goals and objectives and hold themselves accountable for measurable progress.

Measurement and Evaluation

To measure progress and evaluate the success of our efforts, each Library unit establishes metrics that align with the priority initiatives set forth in their internal, multiyear plans. Additionally, the Library will continue our work to define a set of meaningful internal key performance indicators to better demonstrate progress to our strategic goals and objectives.

Reporting and Review

The Library periodically reports performance against each agency-level performance goal, highlighting achievements, challenges and any necessary adjustments. Regular review of strategic and operational risks allows the Library to identify, assess and mitigate possible threats and disruptions to our work.

Communication and Engagement

Effective communication and engagement with Congress, Library staff and the American people is crucial throughout the strategic plan’s implementation process. The Library shares updates with Congress and other external stakeholders through our annual accomplishments report and with staff through internal communications channels including progress reports, newsletters and staff forums.

The Library’s FY2024-2028 strategic plan both fortifies our long-standing role in trustworthy service to Congress and the nation and affords us the dexterity to act wisely in a fast-changing world. As we step forward into an uncertain future, our commitment to expanding access, enhancing services, building capacity and fostering innovation will ensure that we continue to engage, inspire and inform Congress and the American people.