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Practice Titles

Common Titles

Timeline and Target Dates

Feb. 6-Feb. 24 Preparation phase
Feb. 27-Mar. 10 Training Phase
Mar. 13-Apr. 14 Pilot phase includes record creation, review, data input
Apr. 17-26 Analysis and preliminary report preparation
Apr. 27-28 Presentation and discussion at CONSER Ops.
May 4-7 Presentation at NASIG
May 20 (?) Final report
June 22-26 Present at ALA to: CC:DA, CRCC, PCC

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Regina R. Reynolds
Head, National Serials Data Program
Library of Congress
101 Independence Avenue, S.E. Washington, D.C. 20540-4160
email: [email protected]
voice: (202) 707-6379
fax (202) 707-6333

Diane L. Boehr
Head, Cataloging Section
National Library of Medicine
8600 Rockville Pike Bldg 38 Room 1N08 Bethesda, MD 20894
email: [email protected]
voice: 301-435-7059
fax: 301-402-1211

Working Group Members

To propose the element set based on the user tasks for serials, and to develop the cataloging guidelines.

  • Bill Anderson (Serial Record Division, LC)
  • Melissa Beck (UCLA)
  • Edith Gewertz (New York Public)
  • Carolyn Larson (Science, Technology and Business Division, LC)
  • Kristin Lindlan (University of Washington)
  • Peter McCracken (Serials Solutions)
  • Vanessa Mitchell (CSA)
  • Hien Nguyen (CONSER ex officio)
  • Tina Shrader (National Agriculture Library)
  • Steve Shadle (University of Washington)
  • Diana Snigorowitz (Serial Record Division, LC)

Review Group Members

To provide comments and feedback to the working group on the proposal and to finalize the element set and cataloging guidelines.

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Pilot Study Volunteers

To catalog a selected group of serials, first according to current practice and then according to the essential data set and guidelines.

Participants Contact Persons
Columbia U. Charlene Chou
Harvard U. M. J. Cuneo
Library & Archives Canada Ivan Basar, Bill Leonard
GPO Jennifer Davis
LC (coordinator to be determined)
NAL Tina Shrader
NLM Diane Boehr
Oklahoma State U. Co-ming Chan
Stanford U. Kay Teel
UCLA Melissa Beck, Valerie. Bross
U. Chicago Renette Davis
U. Georgia Beth Thornton
U. Washington Kris Lindlan, Steve Shadle

Reference/public service staff

To evaluate both sets of records.
Members included many reference and public service staff from participating institutions.

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