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What is a SACO funnel?

A SACO funnel is a group of libraries (or catalogers from various libraries) that have joined together to contribute subject authority records for inclusion in the Library of Congress Subject Headings. Funnel participants may work in the same subject area, such as the SACO Judaica Funnel, the SACO Music Funnel, or the SACO Slavic Funnel; or they may be regionally based, like the SACO Hawaii/Pacific Funnel or the SACO Colorado/Mountain Funnel.  SACO funnels are an efficient means of contribution, where one person or institution functions as the coordinator.  There may be members at all levels of expertise.

Current SACO funnels.

SACO funnel contributions

Individual institutional SACO partners typically have a requirement to contribute a minimum of 12 new or changed subject authority records per year. SACO funnels generally consist of libraries contributing at a more modest level.

Some funnels may be composed of individuals working in a particular language or subject area within larger institutions. These parent institutions may or may not be PCC participants. These catalogers have found a community of colleagues beyond the walls of their own institutions in professional organizations or in neighboring libraries and it makes sense to form a coordinated project to receive training and to have their SACO records reviewed by a specialist in a specific language, topic, or format.

Establishing and managing a SACO funnel

Anyone who has the institutional support to organize, train, and coordinate a group of libraries with common interests to contribute subject authority records to LCSH may propose the establishment of a SACO funnel.  SACO staff in the Cooperative Programs Section of the Library of Congress will assist and mentor the funnel coordinator in this process.

The funnel coordinator has these responsibilities:

  1. to attend a basic SACO workshop, or be an experienced SACO contributor;
  2. to provide or assist in training for the funnel members;
  3. to review the work of the funnel members.

Training for SACO funnels

Potential SACO funnel coordinators should contact the SACO Program via the SACO email address to discuss SACO training options for its members.


The only investment involved in establishing a SACO funnel are the inherent costs in the time and effort required to organize and provide review of subject authorities for the funnel members.  This makes SACO funnels a viable means for smaller and more specialized institutions to participate in the development and maintenance of Library of Congress Subject Headings and Library of Congress Classification.