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Following is a list of changes from BIBFRAME 1.0 to 2.0.  These are the more significant changes; the list is not intended to be exhaustive.

  • Elimination of Authority class. Persons, organizations, places (things with names) are represented as real world objects  rather than identified by name.
  • Elimination of Annotation class. Things that were annotations in 1.0, e.g. tableOfContents, are now properties.
  • Introduction of items. Class bf:Item is introduced for items (which were represented as annotations in 1.0).
  • Introduction of events. Class bf:Event is introduced. See (PDF, 892 KB).
  • Remodeling of titles. See (PDF, 195 KB).  Most notably,  classes WorkTitle and InstanceTitle are removed (merged into bf:Title).
  • Remodeling of identifiers. See (PDF, 192 KB). Most notably, identifier types are distinguished by class rather than property. (1.0 had many identifier properties and a single identifier class.  2.0 has a single identifier property and many identifier classes.)
  • Remodeling of notes. See (PDF, 136 KB)
  • Remodeling of roles.  See (PDF, 89 KB)
    Class bf:Contribution is introduced which pairs agents and roles.
  • Ontology. BIBFRAME 2.0 is formally expressed as an OWL rather than an RDFS ontology. Many properties are now defined as object properties.  Several properties now have inverses defined.
  • Addition of several properties and classes to support better alignment with cataloging norms.

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