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The BIBFRAME Implementation Testbed is established for purposes of encouraging development of BIBFRAME test implementations, in order to monitor implementation progress; discover errors, inconsistencies, and shortcomings in both the implementations and in the BIBFRAME model and vocabulary; and provide a forum for the development of the BIBFRAME vocabulary and tools.

.Any organization implementing BIBFRAME may participate in the testbed. Each testbed organization will designate a representative.  Ray Denenberg will serve as testbed coordinator.

Organizational Commitment and Expectations

Organizations participating in the testbed are expected to:

  • have developed or be developing a BIBFRAME implementation;
  • participate in testing;
  • participate in listserv discussion;
  • report results of testing;
  • make an earnest effort to participate in conference calls, if necessary (conference calls among testers may or may not be necessary).

An organization wishing to participate should send an email to the coordinator at [email protected], affirming that it understands and accepts these expectations.  The organization should designate a representative as the contact and supply an email address.

BIBFRAME Implementation

For purposes of the commitment and expectations listed above, an organization is considered to be developing a BIBFRAME implementation if it is working with code, software, or tools for BIBFRAME data creation, transfer, ingestion, display, storage, or search.

Testing Implementations

Implementations are tested for functionality and interoperability.

For functionality testing, testers test on their own, and report results to the listserv.

Interoperability testing consists of organizations attempting to exchange data, and/or to ingest and process data supplied by other testing organizations.  The coordinator will maintain a matrix to record results for pairwise interoperability testing.


A testbed listserv, restricted to testers, is being established at [email protected]. Its purpose is to discuss the testing process and share results. Testers are subscribed to the listserv upon receipt by the coordinator of the organizational commitment described above.

Testbed Coordination

The coordinator will prepare summary reports to be made available to the testers, based on information supplied by the testers. The coordinator will also periodically publish a report, available publicly, subject to the approval of the testers. Recognizing the possible sensitivity of test information, information reported by a tester may be suppressed in these reports at tester request.

Tester Reporting

Testers will report to the listserv:

  • Results of testing.
  • Actions taken: e.g. corrections to implementation as a result of errors discovered.
  • Inconsistencies, errors, or shortcomings in the BIBFRAME model or vocabulary discovered as a result of testing.

Related Initiative: Implementation Register

A related BIBFRAME initiative is the Implementation Register, whose purpose is to list implementations - existing, developing, and planned. These are distinct initiatives, however, it is expected that there will be significant overlaps: Testbed organizations will be encouraged to register their implementations. Similarly, organizations who register their implementations will be encouraged to participate in the testbed.

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