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December 2003, revised August 2017

As of December 1, 2003, NACO participants have fewer categories of name authority record (NAR) changes and bibliographic file maintenance (BFM) to report to the Library of Congress (LC), thanks to the greater use of automated reports generated by bibliographic utilities. This means that contributing NACO institutions no longer need to report routine BFM or matching duplicate records directly to LC. The following guidelines and tables detail three categories of BFM:

  1. Non-reportable BFM: Routine 1XX Heading Changes in NARs/SARs
  2. Reportable BFM: New NAR/SAR creation for headings in existing bibliographic records
  3. Duplicate heading reporting
  4. Special instructions for access points labelled "[from old catalog]"

Undoubtedly, the tables do not cover all cases. NACO contributors are welcome to send questions and additional examples to [email protected].

In case of doubt, LC will continue to accept and act on manually reported routine BFM and duplicates. Please do submit any BFM or duplicates that you determine may fall outside the realm of routine maintenance to [email protected].

1. Non-reportable BFM: Routine One-to-One Heading Changes in Name Authority Records (NARs/SARs)

Software developed by OCLC provides the Library of Congress (LC) with a weekly list of name and series authority records with one-to-one heading changes initiated by NACO contributors. Each listing on the OCLC report details a change to the 1XX heading on an existing NAR/SAR. Thanks to this report, NACO libraries need not report BFM prompted by routine change to the 1XX in an existing NAR/SAR.

Examples of routine heading changes that will appear on the automated list:

One-to-one changes to the 100 heading within an existing NAR; LC staff will find and change affected LC bibliographic records.
no 8007385 Existing machine-derived NAR lacked diacritic 100 1 $a Valdes, Marta
  Revised heading includes diacritic 100 1 $a Valdés, Marta
n 84203525 Existing heading with open birth date 100 1 $a Bujones, Fernando, $d 1955-
  Revised heading includes death date 100 1 $a Bujones, Fernando, $d 1955-2005
n 2003130567 Existing heading 100 1 $a Davison, Bruce J., $d 1959-
  Revised heading has corrected surname 100 1 $a Davidson, Bruce J., $d 1959-
n 2003014164 Existing heading 110 1 $a Washington County (Or.). $b Clean Water Services
  Revised heading is direct entry 110 2 $a Clean Water Services (Washington County, Or.)
no 2002078317 Existing heading 130 0 $a Aveditionrockets
  Revised heading to correct typo 130 0 $a Avedition rockets
no 2001079703 Existing heading 100 1 $a Verdi, Giuseppe, $d 1813-1901. $t Romances, $m voice, piano $n (1845). $p Ad una stella
  Revised heading to correct subfields 100 1 $a Verdi, Giuseppe, $d 1813-1901. $t Romanze $n (1845). $p Ad una stella

2. Reportable BFM: New NAR/SAR creation for headings in existing bibliographic records or authority record deletion

Certain categories of BFM need to be reported directly because the software is NOT designed to capture information relating to new or deleted authority records, e.g., a new record created to remove a listing from an undifferentiated authority record, or, a new record created to account for a heading already existing in the bibliographic file but not in the authority file.


New NAR using 1XX heading that differs from headings for same entity on existing LC bibliographic records
no 2003112504 New NAR created. BFM reported for LC bibliographic records using different heading for same entity

100 1 $a Henriques, Axel, $d 1851- replaces heading in LC bibliographic records:

100 1 $a Henriques, Axel Otto, $d 1851-

New NAR accompanied by change to x-ref(s) on existing NAR with the need to change headings on LC bibliographic records
n 94100596 Existing heading with other name added as 500 100 1 $a Wolff, Max Josef, $d 1868-
500 1 $a Daudet, Allemand, $d 1868-
no 200335145 New NAR for bibliographic record with this usage, and BFM reported as needed

100 1 $a Daudet, Allemand, $d 1868-
500 1 $a Wolff, Max Josef, $d 1868-

New NAR for name being removed from undifferentiated personal name NAR with the need to change LC bibliographic records.
n 78041646 Existing undifferentiated NAR 100 1 $a Gallagher, Mary
nb 2003107737 New NAR created for name removed from undifferentiated NAR, and BFM reported 100 1 $a Gallagher, Mary, $d 1958-
Deleted NAR accompanied by Change to x-ref(s) on existing with or without the need to change LC bibliographic records.
n 97007754
Existing NAR revised to include 400 for earlier name

100 1 $a We Langa, W. M. E.

400 1 $a Rice, David L., $d 1947-

n 79020927 Existing NAR for earlier name needs to be deleted, and BFM reported as needed
100 1 $a Rice, David L., $d 1947-

3. Duplicate name heading reporting

OCLC also sends to LC an error report identifying duplicate headings in the authority database, allowing LC staff to resolve conflicts and to maintain affected bibliographic records. As of result, exact duplicates do not need to be reported to LC. However, logical duplicates for the same entity that use different 1XX forms do still need to be reported to LC.

Non-Reportable: Duplicate NARs for same entity with identical 100 headings
nr 00018986 Existing heading 100 1 $a Iyer, Subramaniam
no 00046934
Duplicate for same entity with identical heading to be deleted, with no need for BFM
100 1 $a Iyer, Subramaniam
Reportable: Duplicate NARs for same entity with different 100 headings, even if no LC bibliographic records are affected. Please note if BFM is needed.
nr 9218404 Existing heading 100 1 $a Day, William Howard, $d -1900
nr 9810714 Duplicate NAR with different heading reported to be deleted, and BFM reported as needed

100 1 $a Day, William, $d -1900

4. BFM on [from old catalog] access points

For information on BFM related to access points labelled "[from old catalog]", please see the FAQ on access points in the LC Online Catalog labelled "[from old catalog]"

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