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The list below contains names of NACO catalogers who have volunteered to be NACO trainers as well. It is not a requirement to have NACO training delievered by one of these persons. Any independent NACO cataloger may deliver NACO training to individuals or institutions that are NACO members, using the NACO training materials on the Cataloger's Learning Workshop page.

Adam Baron

University of California, Berkeley
email: [email protected]

Robert Bremer

OCLC, Inc.
email: [email protected]

Ageo García B.

Tulane University
email: [email protected]

Carl Horne

Indiana University
email: [email protected]

Hester Marais

University of South Africa
email: [email protected]

Robert Maxwell

Brigham Young University
email: [email protected]

George Prager

NY University Law School
email: [email protected]

Nancy Sack

University of Hawaii at Manoa
email: [email protected]

Adam L. Schiff

University of Washington
email: [email protected]

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Last update: April 7, 2022