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The African American Subject Funnel Project creates and updates subject headings that accurately reflect the African American experience. The Funnel was established by the African American Studies Librarians Section (AFAS), now the African American Studies Librarians Interest Group (AASLIG), of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), which broadly addresses the research and services associated with identifying, preserving, and disseminating information on the study of African American history, culture, and life.

Funnel project participants propose new Library of Congress Subject Headings that more accurately and fully describe resources about African American life and culture. We also propose changes to existing subject headings to make the language more up-to-date and inclusive. A variety of new headings have been successfully proposed, including African Americans--Reparations and Great Migration, ca. 1914-ca. 1970. Subject changes have also been proposed and accepted, including changing the headings Afro-Americans to African Americans and Blacks to Black people.

In 1999, Dorothy Washington proposed that the African American Studies Librarian Section (AFAS) create a funnel group to address the vital need for pertinent subject headings for African American research. In 2000, the African American Funnel Project was established. In 2016, AFAS transitioned to the African American Studies Librarians Interest Group (AASLIG), and the funnel project continued under its leadership.

Interest in becoming a participant in the funnel project should be addressed to: Michelle Cronquist ([email protected]) or Kaylin Blount ([email protected]).

For additional information on the Funnel please visit the SACO African American Funnel Project LibGuide.