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The Library of Congress ensures long-term access to its collections through diverse preservation activities, including collections care, conservation, emergency management, library binding, mass deacidification, preservation reformatting, preservation research and science. The Library also promotes preservation education, awareness, and good practice beyond the Library by offering preservation resources, FAQ, events, and other outreach programs.

General Information

Collections Care

Basic information and simple steps to take for the good care, handling, and storage of collections.
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The preservation of the Library's special collections is undertaken through condition surveys and (re)housing projects, condition assessments, basic stabilization, and full treatments, and the management of collections storage, exhibitions, loans, digitization, and other projects.
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Emergency Management

Being prepared for emergencies and disasters is essential to preserving collections and family heirlooms. Being prepared means taking precautionary measures and knowing what to do in an emergency.
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Research and Testing

Staff members have published extensively on a wide range of research topics, including the effects of solvents on paper, treatment of mold, definitions of artifactual value, energy sustainability, iron gall ink treatment protocols, and other preservation questions.
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Recommended Formats Statement

Recommended Formats Statement identifies hierarchies of the physical and technical characteristics of creative formats, both analog and digital, which will best meet the needs of all concerned, maximizing the chances for survival and continued accessibility of creative content well into the future.
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