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Program Audio Visual Conservation


The National Audio-Visual Conservation Center will work cooperatively with creators, rights holders, educators and other library and archival organizations to develop a broad range of innovative partnerships in the following areas:

With libraries and archives

  • infrastructure to support a national network of collections
  • collections storage
  • knowledge, advice, and research testing
  • lending library of obsolete equipment
  • support for developing archives
  • blog to share preservation research findings

With educational institutions

  • provide remote access to Library collections
  • internships and fellowships
  • post-graduate R&D placements
  • "train the trainer" programs for the preservation of historical formats
  • assistance in devising educational programs
  • community workforce development

With professional organizations

  • building bridges between industry and professional groups
  • development of collective groups to address issues and recommend practices
  • representation of industry in policy and legislative development processes

With rights organizations

  • foster participation with library/archive community
  • buy-in to national strategy for the use of rights-protected material within library, archival, and educational settings
  • reanimation of large segments of our creative heritage that have been unavailable for decades

With standards organizations

  • focused and structured standards development via national leadership role

With producers and distributors

  • lifecycle management
  • access standards for the commercial sector
  • encourage wider access to copyright-protected material


Library of Congress
Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation
19053 Mt. Pony Road
Culpeper, VA 22701-7551