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Program Cataloging in Publication


Application Process


  • Participating publishers submit via PrePub Book Link
      • A completed CIP Request
      • The full text or, at minimum, core required materials to the Library of Congress for each eligible title
  • The CIP Program staff member
      • Reviews the application and text for completeness and eligibility
      • Assigns a Library of Congress Control Number
      • Forwards the application to the appropriate cataloging section
  • The cataloger
    • Completes the descriptive cataloging
    • Assigns subject headings
    • Assigns full Library of Congress Classification and Dewey Decimal Classification
  • The publisher receives the completed CIP data and prints it on the copyright page of the published book.
  • Concurrently, a machine-readable version of the record is distributed to large libraries, bibliographic utilities, and book vendors around the world.


  • The publisher sends a copy of the published book to the CIP Program. These books are subject to claiming.
  • Upon receipt of the book, a Library staff member
    • Adds other data elements to the catalog record (such as pagination and size)
    • Ensures that the data elements in the record accurately describe the published work. There may be changes in title, subtitle, series, author, or subject.
  • After verification, the machine-readable version of the record is redistributed.