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Program Cataloging in Publication

E-Books Program

The CIP Program developed an easy process to provide CIP data for simultaneously published e-books and print books. Simply check the box on the CIP Request indicating that you would like to receive e-book metadata; also include the ISBN for the e-book. By checking the box, you agree to send us a digital-rights-free copy of the e-book upon publication, in addition to the print book.

Library of Congress CIP e-book metadata are distributed to WorldCat and other bibliographic utilities for use by libraries and vendors. CIP e-book metadata are considered the highest quality and most complete metadata available to publishers and vendors for their e-book packages. Having the best metadata assigned to your e-books will make your titles more accessible and retrievable by users worldwide.

The Library of Congress has developed procedures for the secure transfer of e-book files from publishers. The requirements for the copy of the e-book to be sent to the Library are as follows:

  • Ensure that the copy is the original version for reading issued by the publisher
  • Ensure that the copy is free of digital rights management

By participating in the CIP E-books Program, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions outlined below.

The Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication (CIP) Program is able to provide CIP data for books that are published simultaneously in both electronic and print form. As a CIP Publisher that publishes simultaneously in both formats, you are eligible for the E-books program. If you wish to receive CIP metadata for your e-book, please review and accept the following:

  • I have already transmitted to the Library either the complete text or the core required materials of each print book for which I am requesting e-book CIP data, and I will include the complete and unaltered e-book CIP data in the published e-book.
  • I will give the Library a copy of the published e-book to be included in its collection and made available to Library staff and registered users through the Library's secure network.
  • In the event that I submit additional published e-books to the Library that have not received CIP data, I understand that such books will not receive CIP data and may be made available to Library staff and registered users in the same manner as CIP books.