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In response to a number of inquiries from the media concerning the report "Sociology and Psychology of Terrorism," which was mounted on our website on December 14, 2001, the Federal Research Division (FRD) offers the following background:

. FRD is a full cost recovery service that performs directed research at the request of other agencies of the U.S. Government. FRD prepares studies, reports, and translations under interagency agreements for a wide variety of Federal agencies.

. Work done for Federal agencies is the property of the requesting agency, and dissemination is controlled by them. In some cases, FRD is asked to disseminate the commissioned reports, many of which can been seen on FRD website.

. The study "Sociology and Psychology of Terrorism," reported the findings of FRD's research of then-current literature written by experts on terrorism, inside and outside government, and was commissioned in June 1999 by the National Intelligence Council NIC and delivered in September 1999.

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