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How to Participate » Prepare for the Interview

Prepare for the Interview

  1. Complete forms.
  2. Prepare questions before the interview; write them down.
  3. Use the highest quality recording equipment and microphone available to you.
  4. Become familiar with your recording equipment and test it before you begin the interview.
    • Check both sound and lighting before each interview.
    • Check battery or power levels, or alternatively, connect the recorder to an external power source. 
  5. Interview in a quiet, well-lit room using a stationary chair. Avoid noise from:
    • fluorescent lights
    • chiming clocks
    • heating and cooling systems
    • ringing telephones
    • televisions, radios and computers
    • other conversations
    • pets
    • outside, such as traffic, wind or rain
  6. Be sure the questions and answers are recorded.
    • It is not necessary for the interviewer to be seen on camera, but it is important that each question can be heard clearly on the recording.
  7. For video interviews:
    • Use an external microphone pointed toward the interviewee.
    • Mount the camera on a tripod.
    • Position the camera a few feet from your interviewee.
    • Focus the camera on the interviewee's face, upper body and hands.
    • Avoid using the zoom feature while recording.
  8. For audio interviews:
    • Use an external microphone pointed toward the interviewee.
    • Position the microphone nine inches from the interviewee.
    • Use a microphone stand.

Be sure the tape has started recording before you start speaking!

How to Participate » Prepare for the Interview

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