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* The Army Lawyer 2020, Issue 2
* Malmedy... Vol.7 Additional Content
* 2019 Military Law Review (4 issues)
* Lore of the Corps
* 2019, 2016 Manual for Courts-Martial
* 2019 Criminal Law Deskbook
* United States vs. Tomoyuki Yamashita
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Federal Research Division

More than 60 years of service to the Federal Government

101 Independence Ave. SE
John Adams Building, LA 5281
Washington, D.C. 20540-4840
Phone: 202-707-3900
Fax: 202-707-3920
E-mail: [email protected]

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The Federal Research Division provides customized research and analytical services on domestic and international subjects to agencies of the United States Government, the District of Columbia, and authorized Federal contractors on a cost-recovery basis.
  The Library of Congress >> Researchers
  May 22, 2020
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More than 60 years of service to the Federal Government